Tivoli Tuesday: Cycling in Copenhagen!

Copenhagen is the city for cycling! When bicycling became popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s, it provided an opportunity for tenement residents to get out of the housing projects and experience some freedom. It became a common form of commuting to work, and was utilized heavily until the 1950s. After a decline in the 50s and 60s, Danes pedaled their way back to bicycling prominence in the 1970s and continue to value bicycling today. The use of bicycles in Copenhagen is something that modern Danes take pride in and love to share with visitors. So, if you happen to visit Copenhagen, don’t forget to pack your helmet! #tivolituesday

If you have any fun facts to share about Denmark, please share them with us on our twitter page ( with the hashtag #tivolituesday!

Bicycles parked outside a row of buildings in Copenhagen, Denmark


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Tivoli Tuesdays

This is the year of the Danes for the Nordic Culture Clubs! We will be honoring all six Scandinavian cultural groups, but especially the Danes this year. In honor of our celebration of Denmark, look for Tivoli Tuesday posts. Every Tuesday, we will fill you in on all things Danish!

It’s raining Danish flags! Legend says that the Danish Flag, called the Dannebrog, fell from the sky during a battle in Estonia. Dannebrog means ‘flag of the Danes’, or ‘the red flag’. The first mention of the Dannebrog in a Danish text dates back to 1478. (


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2014 Scandinavian Hjemkomst Festival

We are busy planning after a successful Nordic Gala! This year we are featuring the Danes and the incredible aspects of design that you will see throughout the festival.

With the help of several granters including the Fargo-Moorhead Convention of Visitors Bureau, Lake Regions Art Council, MN State Arts Board and North Dakota Council of the Arts we are so excited to bring you interesting and diverse entertainment, and presenters to this years festival. We are also continuing our partnership with the HCSCC Midwest Viking Festival, so be ready for a fun year!

Keeping with Danish Design themes you will see a Jens Jensen: Celebrating the Native Prairie  exhibit which will be on display for the month of June in the Hjemkomst Center. You will also see Legos, Aeblskivers eating contests, embroidery and art classes and much more!

See you at the Festival- June 27th & 28th, 2014


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Nordic Footprints 5k Run Walk- Postponed

5Krunfoot poster_2013

The Nordic Footprints 5k Run/Walk set to take place Friday June, 28th at 6:30 pm will be postponed due to the rising floodwater’s. This event will be rescheduled in the upcoming future. The date at this point is yet to be determined. For those who have already registered, they will still receive a free one-day festival admission, and their 5k t-shirt. The t-shirts will be available at the front admission of the festival from 3-5pm. Please contact the NCC office for t-shirt pick-ups after the event.


The Festival is in full swing, be sure to come and join us as free festival admission is part of your registration fee.

Any Questions please contact


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Marja Kaisla & The Soiva International Music Camp

Marja Kaisla & The Soiva International Music Camp Marja will be joining us at this year’s festival with the help of the Finlandia Foundation and Schmitt Music. She has been awarded the 2013 Finlandia Foundation National’s Performer of the year, and is teaching at the Soiva Music Camp this summer at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. Marja was born in Finland, and currently works as the co-founder of the Philadelphia Foundation for World Music and Arts. She is a chamber musician, recitalist, and orchestra soloist in concert piano. Soiva  is an international music camp adventure in partnership between Concordia College and Finlandia Foundation National. These students have the opportunity to learn from world-class musical instruction and will grace us with their talents several times throughout the festival. These performances will be fantastic and I hope you all can join us in welcoming Majra and the many talented musicians from the Soiva Camp.


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New Norwegian/ NCC Window Display

The Nordic Culture Clubs is busy finalizing all of the festival details. A new window display featuring Norwegian folk art was just put up to highlight this year’s featured country- Norway-.  Beautiful traditional crafts are on display from private collections along with several regional folk costumes. Stop by to the Hjemkomst Center to take a look at the new window and see how the festival is progressing!


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The ‘Troll Lady’ and Dragon Slayer

Folk Tales are Lise Lunge-Larsen’s specialty, enchanting us with a number of her unique and award winning tales of Thor, trolls, winter, spring and much, much more.

I came across one of her short tales this morning about the legend of tulips, and for a spring when they were sparse, it was a lovely reminder that it can be so beautiful…  as long as we avoid fairy spit!

A sample of her work from her blog “Snipp Snapp Snute”…

Her blog is delightful, and we are so looking forward to having her here in the F-M area. She will  be performing at The Scandinavian Festival the 28th and 29th and the Fargo Public Library June 27th –check out their listing of events for times and location—


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Decorah Nordic Dancers


The Decorah Nordic Dancers will be at this year’s festival to perform a number of their exciting dances. This young group is joining us from Decorah, Iowa and they are so talented. The following video shows the group performing the Fermana Dance, it  was so impressive we knew we just had to get them to Moorhead if we could! I’m so glad they get to share with you all their passion for Scandinavian dance when their dance and orchestra group take the stage on Friday and Saturday of the festival.

If you’re not excited yet, take a look at their Fermana Dance, the girls will actually fly

Hooked yet? See you at the Festival!


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Lisa Nybrott

Lisa Nybrott

Lisa is a young singer and songwriter from Norway. She studied music performance at the Conservatory of Music in Kristiansand and is working towards her master’s degree. Her music is within the jazz genre, seasoned with down-to-earth soul and melodic country. In 2010 Lisa published her first EP on her own label while Potato records distributed it online, and within a few years Lisa has made a name for herself.

This performer is fabulous! Lisa will surly enchant young and old, listening to the beautiful samples of her singing her music as well as some Old Norse folk songs, you will hear why we just couldn’t pass up the chance to host Lisa and her accompanist at this year’s festival.

Check out some of her own music at


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Nordick Exploring

Hi, I’m Amanda Nordick… Yes, Nordick! I married into that one. I am however about 1/4 Norwegian, and my grandfather always distributed his Norwegian wisdom. So, here I am working with the Nordic Culture Clubs coordinating the Scandinavian Hjemkomst Festival. While I do have that Norwegian background, I am honestly exploring new facets to all the Scandinavian cultures daily. I have never truly explored my heritage and I find this group of Scandinavian people here in the Red River Vally absolutely amazing.
So, no matter what nationality you calim to be,  come and join me through this adventure and exploration into Scandinavian Culture.


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