The ‘Troll Lady’ and Dragon Slayer

June 08

Folk Tales are Lise Lunge-Larsen’s specialty, enchanting us with a number of her unique and award winning tales of Thor, trolls, winter, spring and much, much more.

I came across one of her short tales this morning about the legend of tulips, and for a spring when they were sparse, it was a lovely reminder that it can be so beautiful…  as long as we avoid fairy spit!

A sample of her work from her blog “Snipp Snapp Snute”…

Her blog is delightful, and we are so looking forward to having her here in the F-M area. She will  be performing at The Scandinavian Festival the 28th and 29th and the Fargo Public Library June 27th –check out their listing of events for times and location—


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